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Date Added: December 22, 2015 04:50:42 AM
Author: businesssolution93
Category: Arts & Humanities: Humanities
Drowsiness caused during the driving is a serious problems faced by both the drivers and rest of the society. Due to drowsy driving, hundreds and thousands of crashes and accidents occur every year around the globe. For the purpose of combating this issue, various researches have been held to invent such detective systems when the driver sleeps. Mechanism:The drowsy driver detector mechanisms have been developed for the purpose of reducing the number of accidents that occur due to sleep driving the car. The mechanism also focuses on how to find the eyes; the algorithm is used for the purpose of making this mechanism successful. This system focuses on the binary image version and finds the edges of the face and then finds out the eyes through the narrowing of the image. The monochrome sensing factory is set in such a position that it focus on the eyes and face of the driver in order to detect the eye blinking moments. This system consists of two steps of monitoring, which enhances the ability to detect more accurately. The stage which involves the detection consists of sensor for measuring the eye blinking, which monitor the moments of eye blinks. After this stage, the data which is collected is then transmitted into a micro-controller, which works on this analog data and digitizes it. This micro controller also has the ability to decide which alert to activate when the triggering of the warning feedback system occurs.The system keeps determining the eyes and if it finds it closed for five consecutive times or frames, and then the system derives the data that the driver is not active or is drowsy. Therefore, it issues a warning. This system uses reasonable lighting amounts for the purpose of carrying out its work. Moreover, it also brings it in to the knowledge of the driver if he is not able to find their eyes.Other uses:This system is also used for the purpose of warning the drawers if there is any leakage of gas or fire accident going to occur. Moreover, this system also warns if the driver has gone unconscious by measuring the eye blinks. It then alerts by uses the buzzer for avoiding any major accidents. It is very helpful in cases when the driver is suffering from heart ache etc.Alcohol and Temperature sensors:There are also available kinds of detectors in the modern latest cars, which involve the detection of alcohol whether the driver is drunk or not. It is also used the fatigue level of the driver to measuring his physical movements and blinking of the eye. The system of detection and alarm in case of danger or lack or negligence on part of the driver is a very good system. It is a very influential and modern invention and is going to take technology to the next level and flourish the industry with the road safety measures, and reduce the rate of risks for humans.