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Food seals industry gains new heights with impulse sealers from Fuji-Sotex

Date Added: March 01, 2016 03:12:20 AM
Author: Jun Sota
Category: Business & Economy
Food has always been a fascination for us, humans. From raw meat to cooked food, the journey has been a long and tiring one. Now we are trying to store the cooked food for a long time to evade the tiredness. The question “HOW” was lingering around until the invention of impulse sealers or food sealers. An impulse sealer is a tool used to seal all different types of packaging, from polyethylene and polypropylene bags to thermoplastic packages. They are sometimes also known as heat sealers. Fuji-sotex is inspired by the Mt. Fuji and excels in production of impulse sealers otherwise known as food sealers or heat sealers. The products from fuji-sotex are of high quality and available at affordable prices that can help you seal your polyethylene bags to perfection and help you store food materials for a longer time. An impulse sealer works by sending a short burst of electricity through a wire, which turns the electrical energy into heat energy. That heat, then flows into the heat sealer's jaw, which presses against the sides of the bag to melt them together. The packaging is then sealed permanently, until broken. Impulse sealers can be divided into two categories: manual and automatic sealers. Manual heat sealers are operated by a human user, who must physically place a bag in the jaws of the sealer and push them closed, then remove the sealed bag. These are generally the size of a stapler and sit on a table or desktop for use. Conversely, automatic impulse sealers do not require a person to operate them. They are designed to continuously seal packages, and can be programmed to seal different materials that require different temperatures and sealing times. It is crucial that automatic impulse sealers be programmed correctly, because too short of a sealing time can result in a weak seal and too long can result in a burnt package. Heat sealers are used in various industries to keep the packaging intact. Fuji-sotex manufactures heat sealers and is a one stop solution for all the packaging woes. The broad catalog boasts of many products that can level up the packaging standards. There are various uses of impulse sealers manufactured by fuji-sotex. The heat sealers from fuji-sotex can be used for apparel, individual packaging for clothing, bag/pouch manufacturing, basic ingredients, raw materials, confectionery or bread making. There are other industries like dairy farming, food and beverages, fish and seafood production, hospitals, clinics and individual packaging for medication, bags for sterilization that are also dependent on impulse sealers for better production. Fuji-sotex manufactures vacuum sealers for usage as food sealers or sealing the hospital equipments. Vacuum sealers are the best for sealing products which might perish easily. When you need a gas flush impulse sealer, the long-length LOS-NT and LOS-NTW sealers provide the performance you’re looking for. When you want to flush the air inside the bag and reduce package volume, or if you want to utilize oxygen scavengers to extend product life, you can use the vacuum sealing function. The LOS-NT/NTW sealers provide you with the capability to fill the bag with nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, or with carbon dioxide to create bacteriostatic or insect-repellent effects or to prevent spoilage and mold growth; you can use the gas-flush sealing function. These vacuum impulse sealers are ideal for use as food sealers as they help in retaining the food quality.