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How To Use Pinterest To Expose A Brand

Date Added: December 30, 2015 09:46:57 AM
Author: Godlove Njut Tabi
Category: Blogs
A brand could be a product say a book on ''How To Grow Better Garden Tomatoes.'' People come up with ideas every day and they are searching for ways to get these ideas exposed to the world. The internet is a home where people are allowed to promote just anything. With the development of websites, blogging platforms, social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter... An eye has been placed over Pinterest within the years. Read on as we find out why? Pinterest has been known to deliver the most referral traffic more than Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is a social media site where people are allowed to share only photos known as pins. These pins can be liked, repin or send. Each pin has two options to promote a brand. If a link is added to a photo leading to a blog promoting a ''How To Grow Better Garden Tomatoes.'' People will land on this site either by clicking on a section known as ''visit website'' or if they click directly on the photo. Pinterest offers its users with an analytic. Your Pinterest profile - Avg. daily impression - Avg. daily viewers Your audience - Avg. monthly viewers - Avg. monthly engaged Activity from your blog - Avg. daily impression - Avg. daily viewers How your pins are doing like: - Impressions - Repins - Clicks - Likes With this analytic you also have the ability to put an eye on which country your viewers are coming from and the gender that engage most on your pins. This is just to help you know how to pin since every thing about Pinterest is pins. Pins play a very vital role in as far as your success on Pinterest is concerned. Having a hundred or even a thousand of pins makes no sense. It's more useful if you can get one of these pins go viral. How to get a pin go viral First follow people. Make sure you have the same interest as your followers. You can't be promoting pins on ''How To Grow Better Garden Tomatoes'' and you're busy following people promoting Cars. Then you want to promote the pins of others like crazy. Repin, like and send their pins. This will grape their attention and you will get a very good conversion rate by doing this. Pinterest has the power to drive insane traffic to your blog. There is also a possibility to send pins to your followers. To increase conversion rate, add a personalised message like ''Hello sir/madam please help me repin, like and send this pin and if you have any pins to promote send it over and I will return the favor.''