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Importance of Electroplating Rectifiers

Date Added: April 12, 2014 08:24:59 AM
Author: Textronik Industries
Category: Blogs: Eclectic
Electroplating is used in many types of industries for both functional and decorative purposes. One well-known example of chrome-plating steel parts is on automobiles. Some steel bumpers become more resistant to corrosion after they've been electroplated with nickel and chromium. Electroplating can also be used to plate silver, copper and brass electrical connectors. Silver tarnishes at a much slower rate and has a higher conductivity than other metals. Another benefit of silver is lower surface electrical resistance which results in a more efficient electrical contact. Silver plating is popular in RF connections because radio frequency current flows primarily on the surface of its conductor. It allows the connector to have the strength of brass and the conductivity of silver. New Electronic Power control Unit Textronik Plating rectifiers are equipped with new Electronic power control unit which reduces the Rectifier malfunctions and increases the rectifier yield.It has lot of safety features, which increases reliability. It can be used under the hardest circumstances. The Electronic Control Unit has the ability to work manually and with automation system at the same time. One of the most important features of Switch controlled systems is Pulse-Base. Plating reaches to the smallest recessions on the surface when it is done with Pulse-Base procedure and plating problem to non-reachable areas is solved.It also saves time, in addition to proportional distribution on plating. Pulse – Base methods present much better quality than traditional plating’s. Time and current programmable (Programmable Logic Controller) Textronik uses Standard Product to perform the function (Made in Israel PLC). Time and current can be programmed in 5 steps. User can set program current and time as per his requirement. The timer on the running program allows them to adjust running on a definite period of time. After the set time it stops and gives a signal to warn the operator at the end of process. Ampere hour Controller and Autodosing system Textronik plating rectifiers have ampere hour calculation feature which ensures the most reliable information about the complete working time. The plating process can be adjusted on ampere hour basis instead of time values. There is Dosing counter which helps operator to add chemicals to Bath. Especially in critical baths chemical concentration control is extremely important. Textronik rectifiers help you chemical control as well as giving data for the entire working and yield of the system. Easy to use TEXTRONIK Plating rectifiers with PLC has a very simple User Friendly programming.The system is fully compatible with all automation systems which also can work either manually or with automation system together.