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Social Networking Websites

Date Added: January 19, 2014 06:00:29 AM
Author: ajit
Category: Computers & Internet
Definition: A social networking site is nothing but an electronic platform through which people from different parts of the societies, cities, states & even countries can interact with each other. Its Examples: Example of such sites predominantly are Facebook, Orkut, Big-adda, Twitter & Linked In. However, Facebook & Twitter are the most coveted sites & intensely used nowadays. Its benefit: Social Networking sites are beneficial in many ways as they are mainly used for the following reasons: A. Personal Reasons: In this category, people use it to update their status or even view their friends’ status, or look at their photos. Some use it to connect to people they’ve met, a potential girlfriend/boyfriend perhaps, or someone who shares the same interests. Another great way of taking advantage of the personal side of Facebook is keeping in touch with people hundreds of miles away, maybe somebody who has gone travelling or moved to the other side of the world. In the past it would have been nigh on impossible to keep in touch, much less keep up to date with what they are doing. It is fascinating to see that there are so many different things going on in one place, and even more incredible that they seem to all work in harmony. B. For Business: With the rise of Internet Marketing, social media is being embraced by businesses more and more. Innovative ways of utilizing these tools by connecting directly with customers are being found. Companies are seeing that the best way to conduct themselves online is to speak to their customers directly using these social networking sites, Twitter being especially useful for this. It increases the reputation of the company, gets them positive reviews and shows that they really care about the customer. It also gives a human face to the large corporation, meaning that customers or potential customers will feel much more comfortable coming back. There are some great examples of this strategy online, with a company called Virgin Trainsbeing one of the most successful. They have a small team of dedicated and named staff who run the Twitter feed as part of their overall PR role. Whenever a customer has a question or a complaint about the trains, for example – the train is late or something has gone wrong with their ticket, they post it on the Twitter feed and usually get a pretty quick response. The response is sometimes a simple apology about a train being late, but it gives a human element to the company and this simple gesture could stop them losing a customer for the future. They can also act as a sort of customer service line, say somebody loses the code to pick up their ticket from the fast ticket mac